K-6 Counseling

Mist Elementary and Vernonia Elementary Counseling

If you have any counseling questions or concerns for grades K - 5 please contact Michelle Eagleson or Jenn Cooper. 

Mental Health counseling services are available at Spencer Health & Wellness (SHaW) clinic.

Michelle Eagleson -

Jenn Cooper -

Phone: 503 429-1333

MS/ HS Counseling

Vernonia High School | Middle School Counseling and Career Planning

The mission of the counseling office is to empower all students to maximize their potential in the areas of academic achievement, career planning, and personal/social development.  Our goal is for students use the resources available to be successful in high school and beyond!

Mental Health counseling services are available at Spencer Health & Wellness (SHaW) clinic.

Peter Weisel, VHS/VMS Counselor

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Career Planning

Graduation Walk
VHS Class of 2019
Youth Reengagement Pilot Program 
  • Youth ages 14-21 who are behind three or more credits in comparison to their prospective peers will get the opportunity to participate in the Youth Reengagment Pilot program for the remainder of the school year.
  • Students participating in the Reengagement Pilot Program will meet with their mentors weekly to collaboratively problem solve challenges, get connected to local resources, participate in career exploration, job opportunities and have access to individualized, youth-identified incentives for engagement and achievement of personalized goals.
  • Parents/guardians/caregivers whose students are participating in the youth Reengagement Pilot Program will receive regular updates and have access to discretionary funds up to $400 for your family to get your basic needs met in connection with student success. 
  • If your student is eligible you will receive a Welcome Letter and Consent Form
  • Additional students and parents may self refer to be part of the Reengagement Pilot Program.
For any questions please reach out to Jamie Hamsa, Program Manager at (971) 248-5105 *Text Friendly* or